New Year, New You. But Why Just Now?


As January turns into February, many are feeling either completely energized or completely deflated. More people are cooking. Families are spending more time with each other. Gyms are busier than ever. Why? Because the mark of a new year means a full new list of resolutions — hopes and wishes to be better, smarter, faster, stronger, thinner, richer, to use more social media, to use less social media, and more. You name it, others have made a resolution to achieve it.

But so far, have you actually stuck to your new year’s resolutions? A better question is: Why make a resolution to improve only at the beginning of each new year?

Our thinking is that each new day — or even each new hour — provides the perfect opportunity to start improving. No need to wait until the new year. What will you do to be better?

It’s why we prefer Tiny Habits that actually result in change, as opposed to promising ourselves the world and likely failing. We focus on the bigger picture, but start with daily actions that actually get us closer to our goals.

And we encourage you to do the same. Form habits. Celebrate tiny wins. Repeat. And start now (or in the next hour)!

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