Waking Up to Conscious Consumers


We describe ourselves as a +minded agency, boldly crossing barriers to produce exceptional, memorable work every time. Simply put, being +minded is about going above + beyond the expected.

Wondering how you can make progress towards building a more +minded business? Consider a little mindfulness.

In our latest research study, commissioned by Zendesk, U+W took a look into how some companies are turning to community responsibility initiatives to distinguish themselves. Environmentally sustainable projects, fair labor practices, a clear understanding of social impact — yep, all that good stuff.

More specifically, our research surveyed consumers about how they feel about these efforts. Do they respond differently to these more mindful companies? And if so, how?

Who Cares? Conscious Consumers

We surveyed over 7,000 consumers from seven regions across the world, including the U.S./Canada, Brazil, Australia, and more. Consumers were first asked to think about the price of a recent purchase. Next, they were introduced to several fictional awards commending community responsibility in the business world. A Global Fair Labor Award, for example, highlighted companies that had improved its workers’ wages.

Then things got a little more interesting. Respondents were asked to revisit their initial purchase — with a twist: They could choose to purchase the same product from an award-winning company, or from one that had not been recognized for its community responsibility work.

So, do customers care more about companies that care?

Our survey revealed that yes, they do! In fact, 77% overall prefer to purchase from mindful businesses. These Conscious Consumers are even willing to spend either 5% or 10% more to buy from them.

Mind Your Own Business

What’s more, Conscious Consumerism isn’t going anywhere. As more and more consumers awaken to the movement, it’s likely their influence and purchasing power will only increase, as compared to all other consumers.

If you’re looking to woo your Conscious Consumers, start by focusing on improvements to your social, labor, and sustainability conditions. But that’s not all: You’ll also need to market your work, getting the word out on your good efforts.

To that end, you’ll have some help along the way — thanks to the Social Activators. As the survey found, half of all consumers (and 74% of Conscious Consumers) write positive business recommendations on key websites like Facebook and Amazon at least occasionally. These influential Social Activators aren’t just following which companies are working for the common good — they’re leading other consumers to do the same.

Want to take your first steps on the path to a more +minded business — and into the hearts and minds of the Conscious Consumers? Start with the white paper from our friends at Zendesk.

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